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Last update 01/13/2017

For Club Members Only:

Books are sold to club members only, so please click on the CLUB PROFILE page and then click the word JOIN to complete the short club application form - it is easy and it is free.  Then you may buy these books - as long as supply lasts.

Brand New Seckatary Hawkins reprinted Club books with new dust jackets available now !

The next 2 Seckatary Hawkins Club Books should be ready September 4, 2016.

Three full-length R.F. Schulkers boys' stories instead of just two.  The titles are:

BOOK #1:

Treasure in the Tropics -- From the 1933 radio scripts.

Usually, things are done the opposite of this project – a book is completed, and then it becomes a radio show.   This is the final Seckatary Hawkins mystery/adventure story written by RFS, broadcast over NBC radio on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 2/7/33 to 4/1/33.  Detective Jeckerson explains the secretive telegram he had received at the end of the Lake Tapaho adventure.  (FYI - The Ghost of Lake Tapaho newspaper chapters were 1930; but the book was published in 1932 and the radio broadcasts ran from 12/8/32 to 2/4/33.)

As you read in the first chapters in Cuba Unabridged, a well-to-do friend of Jeckerson's childhood had reached out for help in the disappearance of his younger brother.  Of course, Seck and Shadow were needed to help work out this missing person mystery, including a buried treasure which involves a search through uncharted islands in the Tropics.  Ships, planes and trains are loaded with intrigue and subterfuge, as well as dangers that may just be more than Seck and Jeckerson can handle this time.  You will see when you read this full last episode of Seckatary Hawkins in the Tropics.

In translating from the scripts I closely followed Grandpa’s writing fashion experienced in all the previous Seckatary stories - the actual words were preserved – only making changes in tense and person where necessary for proper reading construction.  Minimal additions of “He said”, “They shouted”, “He replied excitedly”, etc., were inserted where needed to replace the character designation of the radio script and adapt to the novel writing format.  Sound effects and some vocal inflection indicated in the scripts needed a text description to make a real novel book.

Corrections hand written on the master script were incorporated into the text.  Grandpa’s dearest wish was for people to read, learn and enjoy his stories.  So this, the final installment story title will now be included in the set of reissued books by and for our club

When I first started to look at these radio show scripts, there was no title known to me.  So we picked up a title from the action that was written:  Initially, that was" The Lost Brother" - then it turned to "The Buried Treasure"; then finally, while transcribing the radio scripts into book novel form, I saw a new title in the final scene, written in pencil: “Treasure in the Tropics”.   Looking back through Grandpa's script copies, this title was written on several others too - in pencil.  It is really a great adventure story - written as all Seck stories have been presented.  There is humor and excitement and action you will love!

Years ago, I had the pleasure and good fortune to have spoken to and corresponded for many months with James Andelin, the boy who played the part of Shadow in all the Chicago radio programs at NBC.  Jim signed on as a new F&S Club member when he found out we modern club members had started a new chapter of the club.  A recorded radio interview by our golden-voiced radio announcer, and club member, Mike Martini is available to all club members on our Yahoo website files section.  After hearing about the shows and people involved from Jim Andelin, as we worked on making the radio scripts into chapters, I could almost feel  the activity going on at the Merchandise Mart’s NBC studios in 1932. 

The journey to the wealthy Colonel’s home is full of intrigue and danger, and a run-in with a dangerous, big wild animal on a train.  The suggestion that a huge, lost buried treasure is at the end of the search invigorates the activity of the participants.  Seck’s reliable quick thinking saves the day more than once.  But you will have to read the whole story to see what happens.  Thrills, chills and spills await the reader of this story.  You are in for a treat with this the newest, and the last, Seckatary Hawkins exciting Mystery Adventure that no one has ever read before. 

ALSO in BOOK #1:

The Boathouse Boys - Kentucky Boys' riverbank adventure stories From the magazine sequels written by RFS. 

This story will be the second part of the big book of over 500 pages, printed together with Treasure in the Tropics.

I am not sure if these were written before the Seckatary stories, or during.  My hunch is these were alternate stories Grandpa wrote before the Seckatary series began.  We do know the stories were not published until 1923 when a sponsor was found – in the Boathouse Coffee Company of Cincinnati.  The story line is similar to Seckatary stories, but with a totally new cast.

14 year old Jim Thorpe’s father builds him a boathouse so he can earn some money and Jim decides to make a club out of the business, and his friends all agree. 

Jim writes down everything that happens in their clubhouse / boathouse. 

 Across the river is a rival gang – the Whirley Whipcracks – from Greenfield town - their leader is Sam Preach, and a boy named Whirley is the second in command (no first name given) and 3rd in command is Taylor Hay.

Another bad boy gang is led by a masked boy who is bigger and older than the hero and his gang. 

Many familiar terms like “Which we did” and Cincinnati and the river, etc., will get your attention.  You will learn about 7 Mile Island vs 7 Willows Island which is 4 miles from the boathouse. 

Lots more action in the RFS Kentucky boys style.

Some good life lessons and ways to deal with bullying are found throughout this early adventure.


The Ghost of Lake Tapaho

This will be a high quality book in the same format as our other club books with completely retyped text from the newspapers and include all the missing illustrations left out of all other issues of this title.  Twelve unknown Tapaho comic strips, never before printed, will be included along with two Seckatary short stories from other dates never before printed in book form.


Summary.  A “ghost” is terrorizing a resort at Lake Tapaho, north of Watertown, scaring away the guests, and the resort is teetering on bankruptcy.  Jeckerson and Seckatary Hawkins are asked to investigate, and the whole club, along with Doc Waters, drives to Lake Tapaho to stay at the resort.  The “ghost” turns out to be a slick make-up artist and deep sea diver who disguises himself and is staying as a guest at the resort.  The culprit dons an outfit that looks something like a walrus, and emerges from the lake to frighten people at the resort.  He has been hired by a local man who owns substantial amounts of the land around Lake Tapaho.  The evil plot is use terror to achieve two things - 1: he wants to convince the owner to give up his hotel and land.  2: he wants to frighten away an elderly Native American named Chief Two Feathers.  The Chief has a document that shows he has the title to all the land around Lake Tapaho.  Jeckerson and Hawkins expose the plot and the ghost.  In the end, Chief Two Feathers does something unexpected.  Robert Parr does things the fair and square way.  There are many chills and spills and excitement for everyone in this Seckatary adventure mystery.  Favorite among Seckatary collectors for many years.

These books will be signed and numbered as we have done with other club books, and only 150 will be printed.  Join the club today.

For club members only, please indicate your club member number with your order.  Hurry to reserve your copies of these exclusive club books that are already being talked about as collector's items in the book community.  When 150 copies are sold, that will be the end of this set of Club books.  Don't wait too long.

Both books sold together as a set = $150.00 each set of two books.  Checks will be held and not deposited until we reach the break-even point to pay the printer for this set of books.  Paypal orders: $160.00

Prices for multiple sets of books:


By check











Email me privately to order: (seckataryhawkins@aol.com)

*IMPORTANT:  Orders for books to ship to Virginia addresses require special handling, so please email for instructions before sending any payment.


    The Red Runners with a lot of added material, 353 pages - $75 by check, ($81 PayPal)
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    The Rejiment 1 of 2 1918 Younger boys stories before Stoners Boy - 402 pages - $75 by check, ($81 PayPal)
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    The Rejiment 2 of 2 1919 Younger boys stories before Stoners Boy - 493 pages - $75 by check, ($81 PayPal)

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    Comics I; 9" x 12" hardbound book, 444 pages - $99 by check, ($105 PayPal)

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    Comics II; 9" x 12" hardbound book, 495 pages - $99 by check, ($105 PayPal)

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    # 24 - Trilogy II: 3 Seckatary sequel books never before in book form; 1936/37:  The Dog Snatchers; The Dugout Trailer; and Jericho: 321 Pages - $75 by check, ($81 PayPal)

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    # 25 -  Hackbury or “The Mystery of the Underground Room”; 1937/38: A Seckatary sequel book never before in book form: 440 Pages - $75 by check, ($81 PayPal)

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    # 26 - Trilogy III: 3 Seckatary sequel books never before in book form 1938/39:  The White Bat; The Backwater Pool; and The Nip and Tuck Gang: 445 Pages - $75 by check, ($81 PayPal)

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    # 27 - The Return of the Skinny Guy - or “The Boy with the Eagle”; 1940/41: A Seckatary sequel book never before in book form - 428 Pages - $75 by check, ($81 PayPal)

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    # 28 - Trilogy IV: 3 Seckatary sequel books never before in book form; 1940 - 42:  The Gang of Usher or “The Far Away Voice”; and Related Stories: 435 Pages - $75 by check, ($81 PayPal)

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*NOTE *Paypal payment is NOT available in Virginia.  If you want to buy these books, please send an email to seckatary@aol.com for instructions on how to address paypal payments.

Yours Fair & Square
Randy Schulkers
~A quitter never wins and a winner never quits~

If you wish to add a donation to help fund the book projects, please click on DONATE Button:

If any questions please send an email to seckataryhawkins@aol.com to purchase any or all of these books.  Include your Name, address, phone, and quantity list by title.  You will receive a return email invoice to confirm the books are still available, and what the total delivered price will be for the titles you want.  From time to time, other titles become available which we can advise you of at that time too.

Thanks for your interest in Seckatary Hawkins.

Announcing the re-release of Harper Lee's favorite childhood books

"Stoner's Boy"

"The Gray Ghost"

by Covington native Robert Schulkers

Now you can own the same two books that make up the last two pages of To Kill a Mockingbird.

You can order these books from the following stores:

University of Kentucky for Stoners Boy + The Gray Ghost

Amazon.com for Stoners Boy
Amazon.com for The Gray Ghost

Barnes&noble.com for Stoners Boy
Barnes&noble.com for The Gray Ghost

Goodreads.com for Stoners Boy
Goodreads.com for The Gray Ghost

February 3, 2018 will mark the 100th anniversary of Seckatary Hawkins in print.  Since the Fair & Square Club reformed on the internet in 1998, many club members have expressed a desire to see Seckatary Hawkins books more affordable and readily available to the public - and particularly for children.

When I first set up this website in 1998 I was hoping to recreate some nationwide interest in the Seckatary Hawkins Fair & Square Club. I found quite a few readers who shared my enthusiasm, and we have signed up over 2700 members since then.  Working with these very enthusiastic and wonderful club members, we have held 4 big, national club meetings and have reprinted all Grandpa’s books, among other things.  We even made other Seckatary sequel stories that appeared in nationwide newspapers into books.  Now, with the University of Kentucky’s adoption of the two books that Harper Lee loved as a child, we are about to reach a larger national audience for The Seckatary once again.  Below is the announcement page of The University of Kentucky which was first announced 3/19/16 at the Northern Kentucky University’s History Day in Covington.

Club VP, Diane Schneider, has been working with organizations that help preserve Kentucky authors' works, and arranged for the University of Kentucky to take an interest in Seckatary books. Stoner’s Boy and The Gray Ghost are two books the University of Kentucky will soon promote and print in large quantities. Pre-orders for books are available on Amazon.com now, for an October (2016) ship date. Search Amazon for Seckatary Hawkins to see the books and kindle applications available.  Here is a link: BOOKS

These are the same 2 books Harper Lee loved above all others as a child. You can read about Seckatary Hawkins in the last pages of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Along with publishing these two titles will also come national and international PUBLICITY, PROMOTION, and DISTRIBUTION of these 2 books.  The University will emphasize these books to teachers for use as text books in grade school, middle school, and high school English and literature classes - to be studied in conjunction with "To Kill A Mockingbird."  Books will also be sold in hard-cover editions both to online stores (like Amazon), and to brick-and-mortar bookstores (like Barnes & Noble).  YES -- that means these two books will be in DIGITAL DOWNLOAD format for the first time for iPad and Kindle platforms to name a few.  Thanks for spreading the word.

Click on above to open brochure



In 2007, with the much appreciated encouragement and volunteer work of the F&S Club members, we began to publish in book form all the newspaper serial stories that were never in book form before.  Club member George Beatty does all the retyping of the stories from the old, crumbling newspapers, manuscripts, Seck magazines, and other things Grandpa saved for us.  Often, we have to knit together various resources, news pull sheets and proof copies in order to find the complete story.  Only about 100 copies of each of these new books are printed and sold to active Fair and Square Club members. 

Seckatary Hawkins books reprinted by the Club since 2007:

11. The Red Castle 12. Mystery of the Stonewall House

13. Little Gil

14. The Lavender Light Mystery”

15. The Ghost of Lake Tapaho

16. The Emperor’s Sword

17. Little Flower of the Sun

18. The Mystery of the Red Hand

19. The Lacquer Fan

20. Gideon

21. Stydle the Strong

22. Trilogy I: The Stattenham Manor Mystery; The River Pirates; and The Green Light Mystery

23. Gander

24. Trilogy II: The Dog Snatchers; The Dugout Trailer; and Jericho

25. Hackbury

26. Trilogy III: The White Bat; The Backwater Pool; and The Nip and Tuck Gang and Related Stories

27. The Return of the Skinny Guy

28. Trilogy IV :The Gang of Usher or “The Far Away Voice”; and Related Stories.

29. Stoner’s Boy Unabridged - 11 new chapters and lots of new text and illustrations.

30. The Rejiment I - Early stories before the club was officially organized.

31. The Rejiment II - Early stories as the club was beginning.

32. The Red Runners Unabridged Special Limited Edition; with 20 new illustrations and including Rejiment III and short stories

33. The Gray Ghost - Unabridged - with 2 new chapters and 23 new illustrations.

34. Stormie the Dog Stealer - Unabridged with 25 new illustrations and about 50% more text.

35. Comic Strips I - Complete stories of Stoners Boy; Cuba; Red Runners; The Gray Ghost; Knights of Square Table; The Rejiment I, II, and III; and many short stories.

36. Comic Strips II  - Complete stories of Ching Toy; Chinese Coin; Yellow Y; Herman; Red Castle; Emperors Sword; Little Flower of Sun; Stonewall House, Red Hand; more.

37. Knights of the Square Table Unabridged - with 8 new chapters and 29 new illustrations.

38. Ching Toy Unabridged - with lots of new text, and 20 new illustrations.

39. The Chinese Coin Unabridged - with 8 new chapters and 31 new illustrations and short stories added.

40.  The Yellow Y Unabridged - with 1 new chapter and 24 new illustrations and short stories added.

41. Herman the Fiddler unabridged - in process.

42. Cuba unabridged - in process.


Yours Fair & Square
Randy Schulkers
~A quitter never wins and a Winner never quits~



While reading through the first few chapters of the new Chinese Coin, I also noticed some interesting items:
  • In Chapter I, mention is made of the Panama Canal (page 4- original book page 6).  I checked with Wikipedia and found that the Panama Canal was opened in 1914. That chapter of CC was written in 1924 - just 10 years later
  • In new Chapter III - The Seckatary Referees -there is mention of "snatch-grab" football (page 22).  Does anyone know what "snatch-grab" is?
  • Something else that I found interesting in Chinese Coin.  On page 113, Seck says:


"Come in," I said. "And believe me, I’m glad to see somebody. Honest, I believe I’d be glad to see Old Nick himself right now." This same passage is in the original book as well.  In the past when I have read this I just assumed that Old Nick was St. Nick.  But this time I decided to look into this a little more and found out how wrong I was.  Apparently, "Old Nick" is an old English slang term for the devil!

The things you can learn by reading Seckatary Hawkins!


DK ; Loveland, OH

Hello everyone --
I have started to read our new unabridged edition of "The Chinese Coin".  If you are familiar with the original edition, you will see to what a great degree this unabridged edition has been enriched with so much new text. This is in addition to the new chapters that were edited out of the original edition, as well as the many illustrations that were edited out of the original edition.
If you haven't bought these books yet, I would advise you to act before it is too late.

As to the new illustrations, while I am only in the early chapters of this book, and so I am sure there are many more wonderful new illustrations to come, take a look at the one on page 10. What a great view of the writing room! Check out Hawkins' chair and desk.

The enriched text also expands on passages that were in the original edition. For example, when they go to Watertown to buy Halloween costumes, the only one mentioned in the original edition was the Indian suit Hawkins got.

There is something new to learn in practically every chapter of this Chinese Coin book, and of course the chapters that were not in the original book are treasure troves of new information.

GB; ST Louis, MO

My new books arrived the night before Christmas – what perfect timing.  And what perfect books too – truly collectors items.  These old favorite stories are like new ones now with so much new text, and new chapters by the master author RFS; plus extra drawings by the old masters – Ebertz and Williams.  It is just priceless that we can have these books made up so professionally too.  It is great to see children get excited and involved with something that is not a plug in electronic gadget or something that will blow up the world.  They live in the electronic world too, like all modern kids, but they are learning the good things in life without even knowing.   We are all richer for finding the Seckatary and we heartily thank the club volunteers who make it happen each time.

JD; Lexington, KY

Seck, we are all so excited for brand new RFS books for the holidays!  Merry Christmas to you and Bonnie!  It couldn't be more perfect.  You have immortalized our childhood memories.  Kudos to you and all who have made this project a reality!  I think it's time for Lew to strike up the old organ!

Yours F&S, 

S,T, & P R: Walton, KY

Hello fellow Club members. I am happy to report that my books were delivered today. Yes, Christmas has come early; but I will have to wait since they are going under the tree until Christmas morning. I can't wait to read these stories because I have never had the  opportunity to before.  A million thanks to those involved to bring us these lovely gifts.
DR; North Bend, OH

My books arrived at 1:15 today and my Jeanne permitted one quick peak at them before she had them wrapped and under the tree. What I saw was two more wonderful -complete books that Randy, Bonnie and team can be very proud of.  To all the club members who have supported the book project. Thank You for making  my Christmas as  joyful as the one 55 years ago when the first two Seckatary Hawkins books enriched my life. 

MB; Cincy, OH 

The new Club printed books.  What beauties they are!

Just holding a book in our hands, it is easy to forget the huge amount of work that goes into the design, layout, production, and finally the packaging and delivery. All my thanks to Randy, Bonnie, George, Dan and all the other volunteers who made this happen.  We did it again!

YF&S and Merry Christmas, CC; Cincinnati, OH

O.K., As  I promised, this is how I was introduced into Seck's books. I was lucky enough to have three titles given to me by my father’s boss. Books were Stoner, Knights and Yellow Y. This was in 1938 when I was only 8 years old. Those books were the blue cover ones and before I received them they must have passed through many hands ,as the white image of Seck was very faded on most. After having them for a few years I loaned them to a buddy. They soon moved and the books went with them. I restarted my collection in the 50's,getting books from Ohio book store, Acres of books and Duttenhoffers book store. These were somehow lost through theft. Again a few years ago I restarted a collection and found a great source through Russ Bernard. And he supplied most of the books I now have. Oddly enough my brand new Herman came from Randy's own which I bought from Russ.I have all the originals except  Stormie and Tapaho.  I have all the reprints to date.        

YF&S KG; Sunman, IN

The books arrived and for a few minutes I reminisced back some 65 or so years ago.  I remember the old Yellow Y that I bought from someone the neighborhood was sometime around this time.  I cant remember how much I paid for it.  It was a princely price for back then.  There was light snow on the ground and I took this book to my bedroom and read it.  Every once in a while I would gaze out the window and think how lucky it was to have this book.  They were so hard to find.  Everyone can relate!

The Chinese Coin, Stormie, Herman, and Tupelo it seemed were much much harder to get and still are.  Thanks to you Randy and of course the fellow club members  we all can re enjoy those days of these current years when we felt like we were the luckiest people on earth to be involved in this reincarnation of these tombs.  Heartfelt thanks to everyone.  You all know how I fell because you all feel that feeling too.  God willing I hope to be back amongst the briars and buckeyes with my friends most of which I have never met down at the old riverbank.  Lots of Love; best year to everyone!

JW; Menifee,CA

We all want to do our little bit to show appreciation for all the hard work put into these wonderful books. Mine arrived today and they are simply fabulous. I can't wait for more!
TS, Wilmington, MA

The books are beautiful!! thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RS, SunCity, AZ

I just wanted to add my comments on these two new beautiful books. Wow! These two books are thick and crammed with all sorts of never before seen (by most club members, anyway) illustrations. Plus George has added in lots of extras, like the little heading illustrations from the original newspaper columns and other illustrations from other Seck sources, etc.

DS, Verona, KY

My books came today as well. They look beautiful. It's better than Christmas.

TK, Murietta, CA

 Dear Randy:

I received the new books today and they look great. They have joined the others on the shelf. Your Grandfather would be very proud of you and what you and George have been able to do to reprint so much of his life’s works. I think that he would also be very pleased that there were still people who really enjoyed what he had done in his life. There aren’t very many of us who can say that.

Thanks again to both you and George for all of the hard work and hours invested in this enterprise. I am already looking forward to the next set of books. I have already sent you my check.

Yours fair and square,
BZ, Laurel, MD

I don't think any of us can really capture in words the joy of having these wonderful new books in our hands or the magnitude of our thanks to those who
worked so hard to get them there! Can't wait to see the next two, but for now intend to enjoy these two to the fullest.  Many, many thanks!

 The books arrived today and they are beauties! Everything you promised and then some.
Thanks again and YF&S,
CH, Eau Claire, WI

am THRILLED to have these books.  It is so professional, and the DJ is fantastic.
Cheers and Fair and Square,
GH, Milton, OH

I received the books today, they look great!  Getting the previous ones was awesome!! But these new ones are the best!  I would like to get 2 more of each for my boys. Thanks for doing this for us club members.
RB, Cincinnati, OH

These are among the best built books I have seen, and since they would never have been available at any price if the club had not done them, it is small price to pay for something that is history and will last forever.  The kids want all the other series books too, and love to see the book reports you have on the site.  Hope you do them all soon. 
GF, San Antonio, TX

I received the latest two books yesterday. Very nice.  Some excellent touches with the comics and additional info on the inside. Thank everyone for the great work.

YF&S, DJ, Bowling Green, KY

More new books on the way?  That is great news, and thanks again for all your efforts in getting them published.  Some of the questions I had about the series have been answered with these new books.  What a goldmine!  Do some more soon. 

Thanks! – SA,


We can never thank you enough for making these high quality books reprints of Stormie and Tapaho.  They had gotten so expensive as originals that we never thought we would get to read them.  Now we have a brand new set!  So many thanks.

BD, Los Angeles,CA 

Thanks for the great job on the printing of new books.  As always, please count me in for a copy of the next title and any others that may be forthcoming.  Your time and efforts, are appreciated by all of us Fair and Square Club Members.  The entire riverbank is buzzing with the news!

PH, Miford, OH

I have really enjoyed reading the "new" stories Emperor's Sword and Stonewall House. Such a pleasure to explore more adventures after they have been so long out of circulation.  The books are very handsome, and I could not be happier with them.  Thanks for the quality of the printing and all the incredible hard work it must have taken to bring the new stories to book form for the fans!   

CT,  Los Angeles, CA

Thank you very much for your commitment and effort in making your grandfather's stories available to future generations. 
TP, Hawaii

I am looking forward to having the new books.  WOW, thanks to all who have made it possible to print all your grandfather's old manuscripts. You all must be exhausted to get them out so quick.

thanks again.

KG, Ohio

Thank you - thank you - thank you!  What a rare find!  My grandfather always wanted to have Seckatary bookends as a kid, but he could never afford to buy them, and try as he might, he never won a set either.  He had fond memories of the books and newspaper stories and comics and even listened to Seck on the radio.  He is, unfortunately, not here to see this great set of bookends, but it was one of the greatest surprise gifts my Dad ever got.  The quality is unbelievable, and painted in the club colors" was one of his comments.  We are buying the reprint books too, and hope you do another run of Lake Tapaho since we missed out on that one.


BW, Naperville, IL

Dear Randy,
I got my books yesterday evening when I got home from work.  They look Great, as usual!  I am looking forward to starting to read one this weekend, but I will save the other.  The second weekend in May  I will be going to Taipei and Keelung, Taiwan for a couple of days, so I will be saving the second book to read on the plane.  Thank you so much for all of your hard and dedicated work in giving us an opportunity to read your grandfather's stories.  They bring back great memories from my childhood when my father and I read the original books. 

TP, Honolulu, HI

Books arrived on Saturday.  fantastic!!!  After the semester is over and I no longer have to struggle through Jane Austen, I plan to begin at the beginning (Stoner) and go straight through.  I'll be a kid again.

BH, Cincinnati, OH

Just received the books, and while praise heaped on sometimes seems "cheap" I can't help but heap it on! They are really fabulous. The new artist will get my close attention...it's like seeing a new "Superman" after you've grown up with George Reeves of television fame.
GT, Louisville, KY
Hi Seck. Just received the new books and am very impressed. You have really done a fine job of recreating the "look" of the original series... and thanks once again for all of your efforts on behalf of the F&S Club and the fans of great writing for young people.
JH, Ridgeway, CO

This morning in the mail I received my new books, Gideon & Stydle.

They look and feel great. What superb additions to our collection.


 DR, North Bend, OH

What a treat, it's like Christmas around here. The day after the club stamps arrived the new books came and they are beautiful as well! They are exactly the same size as the previous editions and the illustrations are fantastic, very sharp and clear. Thanks to everyone who makes these possible.

A tip for those of you who are on this list or in the club and not getting the reprints, you're missing out on a great opportunity. This is a chance to continue the Seckatary's message another generation and at the same time build a fine library of the entire collection at a very fair price.
DJ, St Cloud, FL

Yes to what all the others said! They're here and they're great!


CC, Cincinnati, OH

WOW, Seck!  You all have really outdone yourselves this time!  I think these books look better than any of the reprints to date.  Excellent, excellent work.
These books are truly priceless!

Yours F&S,
S&TR, Walton, KY

Just to let you know that the two beautiful books arrived at the remote.
rainy upper left corner of the "Lower 48" this afternoon.  Thank you
sincerely for preserving and promoting your grandfather's vision.  Fair and
square!  Now, more than ever!

PT, Langley, WA

Hi Randy,

Wow, Gideon and Stydle The Strong arrived today!  The dust jackets and internal hard covers are just magnificent.  I just wanted to thank everyone who worked to hard on these precious books (especially you Randy).
 I am in the middle of the Wheel of Time Series (Robert Jordan) but I will be taking a break to read these new adventures of Seck and the gang.  

Best Regards,

TS, Kalamazoo, MI

Wow! Better than the Rover Boys, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and all the others rolled into one.  I can really relate to these boys down on the riverbank - just like I belong to the club.  Thanks for making them.  I have to find the earlier stories so I can find out all what happened before Stydle and Gideon came out to play.  I read the book reports for all the earlier stories on www.seckatary.com after you told me how to find them, so I have an idea; but I want to know more!  Keep them coming, and I will buy every one.  These are unbelievably fun!
DT, Los Angeles, CA

I was also one of the lucky ones to find my two new books waiting for me when I got home tonight....At any rate, the new books look great.  The dust jacket has a nice glossy look to it and the front, back and edge of the book under the DJ has a new look to it (matte finish, styled lettering and different graphics) that gives the books a very professional look.  But the best part is the story inside each book.
Thanks to all involved for getting these (and all the rest) of the new Seck books out!
DK, Loveland, OH

Guess what!!!!

The gorgeous, fabulous new books,  GIDEON and  STYDLE  have arrived at my house today. Maybe some of yours came too. 
Randy and All, the newest books look wonderful!  The deep purple and the bright green are wow jacket colors.  The illustrations are very clear.  Very Authentic looking Seckatary Hawkins books!   Treasures in our bookcases.
I think you all might say when yours arrive that they were worth the wait!

EF, West Chester, OH

Dear Seck,

Perhaps some of the others in the F&S Club have the same yearning as I have to read the old books. Many of us grew up in the 1950's and read the four second editions (CT,SB, GG, RR) and saw in the back of the book "Next book in the series is ........." and were never able to find them in the bookstore. So, we've been waiting for 50 years to read those titles. The "new" books from the stories only previously published in the newspaper are great and I've enjoyed every one. But I still wonder about those "next books in the series"  I missed so many years ago when I was a kid along a river bank. I know that the collectible book market is enhanced by the scarcity of those titles so I can appreciate that keeping them scarce might be a good thing for those of us who have invested in the first editions. However, the "missing chapters" will essentially make them first editions all over again and that would be a great thing indeed.

JH, Ridgeway, CO

I have been a member of the club for only a short time, but my interest in the books goes back decades.  A brief story.... Back in 1993, another economically tough time, I was laid off from a job I'd had for nearly 10 years.  It was quite a blow to my self esteem, and, times as they were, I was out of work for 6 months.  Being the first time in years that I had some really "free" time, I decided that now was the opportunity to find out what I could about this "Yellow Y" book I'd read 30+ years earlier.  Now, this was before the internet, when research meant going to the library and researching, one paper at a time.  I have to tell you that this research was one of the few things that kept me motivated during that very rough time in my life.  It gave me something to focus on, a goal to achieve.  I needed that, and it was a Godsend....

I cannot understand why anyone would only get through a few pages of these books, but especially when they have the benefit of your direct, face to face promotion and encouragement to pick them up.  This is timeless literature, with exciting adventures and believable characters, and always , always good wholesome reading for any age.  There is so much trash on the bookshelves today; this is just good, clean fun, with solid values...
Your Grandpa was right on track with the writing, just as it is.  To have the validation of Harper Lee, along with the millions of boys and girls who read the books, joined the clubs, embraced these endearing characters.... I'm sure your Grandpa was quite satisfied with the legacy of terrific literature he left for all to enjoy. 

Randy, thank you, for understanding the importance of these stories, and for continuing to spread the word, and for giving us enthusiasts a forum to talk about the books we've come to love.

Yours Fair & Square,
7/12/10  TS, Wilmington, MA


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