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The Club Member Characters

Art by Carll Williams with coloration by Meghan Boehman


Gregory "Seckatary" Hawkins - Pudgy, Smart, Capable, Generous, Modest, Fair and Square. Hair stood up, and a Cowlick - Unofficial leader of the club. Wore square toe shoes and leggings. Has a red canoe, but sunk by Long Tom, gets a new gray canoe from Daddy as birthday present, July 21 - in Yellow Y; red canoe again in Herman. Taps desk with pen holder when he is beginning to figure out something - Keeps a dictionary and a Bible in the club - Judge appointed Chief of Junior police.
Dogs name is "Cap" - a present from Stormie.

Lincoln "Link" Lambert -"The Skinny Guy". Seck's "old side partner". Used to swipe lumber from the Seck side to build tree houses for Pelhams. Big heart and gentle ways. Teapot nose, ragged pants with broken suspender, straw colored hair is curly at ends - fastest runner. Joined Ching Toy gang when he was running away from his new, rich home in Lexington. He had to prove something for himself "for the wrong reason".

Johnny McLarren - first Club President-"Our Captain". Has a yellow birch canoe. Very smart - Became a general councillor for the club. Sometimes spelled "McLaren."

Dick Ferris - Second club president (elected in Stoner's Boy, chap IV) - best tenor singer - small kid.  Friends with the Pelhams who paid his overdue dues - Red canoe.

Roy Dobel (sometimes spelled Doble) - is best cook. Pointer dogs name is "Rag Ears". Other pointer, no name. Had red skiff. Joined club as Lt. in newspaper 8/18/1918 since he owned the cave the boys wanted as clubhouse after Oscar burned the old shack down.

Lew Hunter - club chorale director and organist; has no parents - kicked off steamboat at Fair and Square Club landing because he didn't have the ticket price. Lives in church with Preacher who gave him an accordion that Seck calls "doodlesack" - also guitar. Soprano in Gray Ghost, high tenor in Stormie. His voice was changing? Plays club organ that Seck calls a melodeon. Singing practice was usually scheduled for Wednesdays at 7PM

Bill Darby - Baseball and football team organizer and coach. Sang Mellow Alto.

Jerry Moore - big, strong, loud, fearless, a pessimist with attitude. He had a freckled face and stub nose. Has long green canoe. Shadow nicknamed him "Old Hippopotamus". Has water spaniel dog. Bass singing voice. Always boasting what he could do and what he would do, but seldom did anything.

Little Frankie Kane - Young kid, originally a Pelham.

Robert "Robby" Hood - funny black silk hat with a feather in it/ purple jacket / big leather belt / red stockings / pointy shoes /pearl and ivory arrow box from Cuban uncle/ spear/ red, white, and yellow lengthwise striped canoe. (Stoner's ref only, red and yellow striped canoe) In Red Runners, he changes to city clothes and checked cap and got a homemade motor launch. A councillor of the club. Resigns to join Yellow Y gang.

Perry Stokes - "small", club caretaker, overseer. Always said "Sir" to everyone because he was son of Judge Granbery's butler. Self appointed bodyguard and protector of Seck. Carried the club rifle everywhere.

Will "Billy" Standish - Next door neighbor to Cazanova plantation -his home named "Candida". Has a pony and a playhouse hideout with secret entrance. Light hair, blue eyes, fat ruddy cheeks, air of good breeding. Later moved to USA and was club member here.

Herb Acomb - Moved next door to Bill Darby when the club needed an extra ball player. Had secretly been associate of Pooley. Long, lean and lanky; cheerful and always with the jokes. Always smiling, friendly. Informant to Knights new member "Rags" (John Loomis). Resigns from club finally.

Shadow Loomis - magician, intelligent, undoubtedly the smartest member. Jerry nicknamed him "Old Fox". A councillor of the club. Watertown resident.

John "Rolling Stone" Loomis - Shadow's brother. Seventeen next birthday, Never knew fear. Ragged felt hat, stoop shouldered, long unkempt hair. Disappears again and reappears as Knights new member "Rags" with the long scar on his face. RFS's own brother Joe, who ran away from home may have been the character idea.

Oscar Koven - burned the club shack down on purpose in newspaper story 8/18/1918. He was "just tired of meeting in the old shack". His mother, fearing he would get hurt if he stayed around the riverbank, sent him away to St Allan's college.

Clarence Wilks - in 1918 newspaper, father was officer of Vinegar factory. In Stoner's, he moved to Watertown.

Tommy Wingfield - A member not often mentioned.

Harold "Hal" Court - identical wealthy twin - Long curls, always got the club into trouble.

Oliver "Ollie" Court - the other wealthy twin - Long curls, Mama's boy, always got the club out of trouble.

Hal Rice - An early member - " not overly brave."

Samuel "Sammy" Burnham -little kid, arsonist - ordered in club by judge.  Later resigns from club.

Stanley Malapo - Dad owned stables on Wheeler street.

Herman Timmig - little immigrant, dark-skinned violinist.

Bobby Carr - was in newspaper stories 9/15/1918; joined when Tommy brought him around - played bugle.

Sid Newcombe - In 12/15/1918 newspaper stories, fired.

Robert Parr - summer only member from Lake Tapaho. Skilled wrestler. Had a log cabin on Wolf's island.

Booby Warren - Originally in The Rejiment, forced to resign since there were 13 members which was unlucky.

Another rendering of the clubhouse boys from a 1930's advertising effort




Art by Carll Williams with coloration by Meghan Boehman

Another Meghan colorized illustration from The Yellow Y.



F&S Club's Friends

(but not F&S club members)

Larry King – His background is in the early newspaper stories. Gave Seck the .22 rifle as a present - the rich kid in the Ching Toy Story.


Rags Sanders – member of Stoner's gang

“Red Head” Monk Bridges - Long family feud between Lambert / Bridges fathers and boys, Monk's father died after fighting with Link's dad. Then the boys became friends and Monk moved in with the Lamberts.


Lige Hobbs - son of Ferry owner.

Nathan Issaw Three brothers…

Abe (Abey) Issaw

Mose Issaw (Mose was later in Stormie's gang and not always friendly)

Otillie - little girl Cazanova maid to Link's Mom. Golden curls.

Happy Days Club- limited members to 12 boys.
Listed are:
Jerome, Kendricks, Harry Wills, Booby Warren.


Curly Wisher - From Hobb's Ferry.


Ted Trimble - Curly's pal, swell dressed - had mahogany river racer.


Rufus "Rufe" Rogers - Ran away from college with pals Homer and Lafe (the “wild west” fellows as referred to in newspapers). Later went back to school. Wrote poetry. Lived in makeshift shack near F&S clubhouse. The Fair and Square Club took a shotgun away from him in the comics.  The shack was later appropriated for F&S clubhouse by Doc.

Hudson "Huddy" Lee - Steamboat captain's son.

Rosalind Lee - Steamboat Hudson Lee’s daughter. Once made all the F&S  members jealous of one another, but seemed to like Link the best.

Lillian Darby - Bill's sis

Ella Moore - Jerry's sis

Grace Moore - Jerry's sis 2.

Rube Muller (sometimes spelled Muler and also Miller ) - farm boy lived near Banklick close to Lonely House. Same age as the club boys. Overalls with a big straw in his topknot. Always moving his feet and chewing sassafras root.

Joel Crouch - Muller's farm hired hand.


John Malapo -runaway rag picker brother of Stanley Malapo - boasted he was "a cook from Cooksville".


Friendly Clubs

Little potatoes, Hard to peel” Club


Watertown boys baseball team and club.


Sadler's Seven Club


(remnants of Knights gang) - later changed numbers to seventeen members - ally club of Seck club.  Members were:

(1) Sadler - Ex-knight. Had a river racer called “Blue Blazes”. In Yellow Y, he got a yellow race boat named the "Lemon Aider". His great uncle was a river pirate just released from jail along with Wye's Grandfather. (Robby Hoods' great uncle, Hank) and also associated with Sargent's Grandfather Silas.
(2) Watts
(3) Grimm -
the spy
(4) Gird
(5) Gus Rule
(6) Tony
(7) Price Ward
(8) Joe
(9) Tom "Dumbhead" Deeming
(10) Sargent -
secretly a spy for Yellow Y, made message arrows, straw colored hair.
(11) Scraggs-
raw necked – discovered as thief, so resigned.
(12) Tony "Barky" Barker

(13) Rule
(14) Quayle -
really a spy for Ching Toy gang.
(15) Happy
(16) Lembacher -
best spy
(17) Hugh Overpeck
- big 15 year old boy.

Evelyn Crail - Pretty blond girl in Lake Tapaho, went by movie star stage name "Eva LaValiere". Pronounced - "Evalavaleer"


Bad-Boy Gangs and Other Foes




Pelham's were in Kentucky – but directly across the river from the F&S clubhouse. *( TRIVIA - a pelham is a horse riding bit with two sets of reins).  Anybody know of another meaning? 


Members were:

Briggen – The Pelham gang leader. Always grouchy, tough, vindictive. A big, rowdy bully. Had an ugly yella dog.

Little Tim
Wilmer Harkinson
(was also with Stoner and Red Runners) - green-gray eyes, dark skinned head, ape or monkey-like appearance.
Ham Gardner (Briggen's "side partner" or "sidekick") friendlier than the other Pelham's.
Dave Burns
Link Lambert
– in the very early days.

Mose Issaw (sometimes in Stormie gang).

- big bully with broad shoulders and a square head, light yellow hair, green eyes - boxing match loser to Seck.


Stoner's Boy gang

Members were:

Stoner (AKA the Gray Ghost)- a much older boy. Always hid his face with gray handkerchief. Wore a long gray coat and cape down to the elbows. Brimmed hat. Used The Old Brass horn to summon his troops. (There is a Stoner river tributary of the Licking river Near Lexington.)

Long Tom – One of the baddest of the bad boys.  Also with other gangs.  Sank Seck’s red canoe while swimming the river in his infamous cutout barrel-boat.
Rags Sanders (later a F&S friend)
Three-finger Fred - Stoner had hypnotic hold on this boy.

Bleaker gang

Members were:

Simon Bleaker – inventor of many ingenious things.  He had many ponies.  Was linked with Stoner and others, but the boys found him out to be a good guy and friend in the end.  Died of fall from a pony.

Gang members were:
Big Ike Petry
monkey like little kid who always grabbed hold of Seck’s hair and wouldn’t let go.
Three finger Fred



Red Runners


Older boys than our club.  They all wore red sweaters with numbers on the sleeves and odd shaped caps during the day – but with long coats and broad brimmed hats on cool nights.


Members in order of rank as follows:

Long Tom - skinny, all arms and legs. Floated / swam down river on specially made empty barrel with arm and leg holes. Also with Stoner.
Wilmer Harkinson – Crazy looking eyes - the hypnotizer.  Died in the end, and gave Seck his old horn that belonged to Stoner initially.
Androfski the Silent - third in line. Dark skinned, dark stringy hair, bird beak nose. Baseball cap worn backwards was a sinister sign to Seck and the boys. Always carried a rifle on his arm.
Oder - fourth in line
Jude the Fifth
Seventh in line Lasky
(there is a current F&S club member named Runge).

Stormie gang

Members were:


Stormie Petry – The Dog Stealer.  Extra smart - had a way
with animals. Captain of steamboat "Louisiana Lou" after turning over new leaf.  His Father was the captain before.  Stormie "Just plain Storm" Petry could have been a reference to a water bird known as a Petrel. One reference book lists a Stormy Petrel (Hydrobates pelagicus) as a "harbinger of trouble"; a black bird with off-white rump. Another reference book relates an ancient fable that it was called St Peter's bird because it appeared to walk on the water.

Gang members were:
Big Ike Petry - Stormie's half brother.  Simon Bleaker’s best pal. Tall in legs and long in body - no shirt or shoes, just overalls.  Broad bulbous nose, moon face, straight standing hair.
Fagly- really a bad boy, and really ugly too. Had almost pointed ears at the top like a dog's.  A bad dude that did serious damage when he fought.
Mose Issaw - good looking Jewish kid. Brown shiney eyes, smart, open, honest face.
McJinty - earlier with Simon Bleaker gang. A veritable slave of Stormie. Little, dirty, monkey-like boy, with 6 inch long
tangled black hair that stuck out in all directions.
He always pulled others hair, and bit them. Swung in the trees.



Knights of the Square Table

Watertown gang of 52 members. They hung out initially at the old corner log wharfs. They did all their action forays at night. Wore dress uniforms of square caps without peaks and the word "Knight" printed thereon. Long blue capes hung from shoulders with white a square table painted on the left shoulder. These were much older boys. All had ponies or horses. Sometimes rode in a coach with 3 horses, but no driver. 

Members were:

"Pooley" – often called “Pool” - a fair fighter, but tough customer. Wore a Khaki shirt and knickers - suit with puttees on the legs.  Gray golf cap. blue eyes, and handsome.  Sometimes wide tan felt hat.
Youngest of his gang - maybe younger than Seck. Dad had pony ride concession that the boys could use off-season. Pooley's was a milk white pony. Later good friend and ally of the Fair and Square Club. (There is a Pooles reserve area in Kentucky near Covington.)
Curly Grimm
- extra tall boy.

Long Tom – description above

Quayle -slender, pale face.
Sadler - red puffy eye slit.
Rags - really Rolling Stone Loomis, but with long red scar over his lips and chin, wearing tattered clothes and aawide brim felt hat disguise.  Dies in a tragic fall from Cliff Cave pit.



Ching Toy gang


RFS was friends with the owner of the Cincinnati Wong's restaurant who offered many references to the Chinese stories.


Members were:


Ching Toy (A friend at the end) -
small Chinese boy.
  He wore a little round cap, black jacket and Chinese pantaloons. Held a fan in front of his face at times.
Corny" Cornett

Tommy King
- Watertown rich kid.
Lan Wong (friendly and fair).

Percy "Tumble" Tumbleson – Just a little kid.
George Tumbleson - Percy's good brother.
Quayle - of Sadler's gang – a double agent.

Sawyer - sawed all the porch posts of The F&S Clubhouse porch.
Coffee -nimble negro boy.
Link Lambert - The Skinny Guy joined this gang, but don’t ask why.

Quong Tong gang

Members were:

Mui Fong – AKA “the Big Noise” A fat adult Chinese man.
Hi Shang - the fat leader – an elderly adult.
Spider" - ugly kid - doesn't look Chinese.  He says he is "Javanese". Mui Fong killed his father. Had ingenious rope web he used to get to a cliff wall cave entrance.  Seck's friend in the end.
Tao Ling


Scorpions Gang

About 20 members – some as follows:

Cheeky – Originally was a Pelham.
Guy Malapo


The Yellow Y Gang

Members were:

Rat-Face "Ratty" – Actually the real Yellow Y – An adult who looks like Burney.  Siegfried Wye calls him Uncle Lem.  Round black hat and Rodent faced maniac. (the Yella kid in the comics).

"Rat Face" Burney tried to kill Hawkins twice. Once by choking him in the tunnel behind the fireplace in the old Burney mansion and the second with a pickax in the treasure cave in Cliff Cave.
Siegfried Wye - little child with the face of a man. Hypnotized by Ratty to act out the Yellow Y role. Had very long silken locks of brown hair and brown eyes.
Stringbean Wilson - best spy
Cass Bullen
Riffle Hare
- always smiling.
Alimokka "Ali" - Brown boy, broad shouldered archer, long straight hair to shoulders, no shirt- red and black shawl, khaki trousers, tree bark shoes.
Jannigan - New leader, tall,thin, overly long teeth, high voice like girl.

Black Lion Boat gang.

Ely "Haley" Blanken - "Prince" -peak of his cap worn over right eye. Friend in the end.
The Fireflies - wore lamps on belt ,under coat and flash randomly to look like fireflies.
James Kinslow - Leader
Tom Kinslow - the woodcarver.



Good-guy Grown-ups

Mom Hawkins - "mother is the best friend a fellow has. She would give everything she has to make you happy...”  Seck Hawkins.

Pop Hawkins - "my daddy is a fine man. I'm proud of him as you are of your'n or any of the other boys... Stick up for your daddy, Perry, no matter what kind of work he does." Seck.

Aunt "Jule" - actual RFS’s wife’s aunt Julia Buckley Hawkins.  She and her husband were stimulus for the book Seckatary Hawkins name. RFS spent a lot of time with them as a young man.

Doc Waters
- 44 years old in Knights. fat, smoked long stemmed white pipe. F&S club promoter, friend and confidant.

Judge Granbery  F&S boys were his "junior" police.  Collected stuffed animals and birds.

The Sheriff - "always sour".  Big handlebar moustache.

Squire Hornaby

Miss Sally Lemonses – The boys school teacher.

Lucio "Loosh" Peralta - Link's maternal uncle.

Lucille Peralta Lambert - Link's pretty Mom.

Abner GreenHavana black porter for Standish plantation, born in Johnson Tennessee.

Jefferson "Jeff" Lambert aka Senor' Carter- disguised in red pointed beard and hair. Father of Link.


Delgado - Cazanova cook.

Gabriel - Cazanova houseman, butler.


Moreno - Cazanova Chauffer.

Jerez - Lucio's Cazanova boat captain.

Valdez Alvarez - trusted man of Lucio's.

Ben Bigstaff - Adult Local poor Kentucky farmer with small children.

Detective Jeckerson (later Chief). Dark complected man.  Wise and cunning.  Smoked cheroots.

Detective Phillips - served under Jeckerson.

Lige Hobbs
- Ferry boat owner. Old fellow, happy-faced, spectacles on tip of nose, corncob pipe.


Mr Anheimer - opera house manager.  A stentorian voice.


Old Hiram - raises and sells rabbits, pigeons, squirrels, dogs, canaries.

Squire Hornaby - Local rich guy.  Owned prized dogs like Louisiana Lou.

Dick Richardson - Rich owner of the stolen horses - maybe 30 years old -with honest smile. Home is Elmhurst. Maid was Beulah.

Brother Jim - schoolteacher (was actual name of RFS’s boyhood Catholic schoolteacher).

Pablo Saules - Cazanova foreman, "El Capitan".  He was pushed off cliff.

Francisco - made pineapple drinks at Cazanova plantation.


Sea captain - old gray whiskered man with a brown cloth on head.

Gralerio - old man butler from Lonely House – Knights story.

Larabee "Larry" Pool - Pooley's dad.

Velky - Herman's guardian and uncle. Dark, athletic build, clean shaven, dark brown eyes.

Papa John - great bushy moustache, heavyset, jolly faced.

Luigi Timmig - Herman's dad

Eli "Haley" Blankenburg – The father - a fat Bolshevist leader trying to overthrow US government.

Dr. Boulet
- St John's bearded Vineyard resident.  After the wine business died - inventor of Lightning machine.  Was a chess champ.
to waist, used a cane.

Fortunatus Ligori - Herman's violin teacher. Old, wrinkled, tanned, rippled gray shoulder length hair; wore a long scientists frock.

Lieutenant Homeworth USA secret serviceman.


Alexander "Aleck" Parr - Owner of most of the Lake Tapaho cottages. Stocky, thick glasses.


Spike Givens - Tapaho lifeguard and tenant.  Great hulk of a man.


Cabbett – A queer looking, dwarfish handyman with pop-eyes and everlasting grin. A Stooping body, constantly moving fingers - clawing the air for something not there. Had a raucous voice, heavy nasal breathing, twisted legs, and heavy Swedish accent.  He silently mouthed words to himself.

Old Iron Man - Indian, 100 years old, called "Chief Two-Feathers".

Briggs - Dirk's servant.


Cazanova good guys

Miguel Peralta - Link's Cuban cousin, son of Rafael Peralta.

Lucio "Loosh" Peralta - Link's maternal uncle.

Lucille Peralta Lambert - Link's pretty Mom.

Abner Green - Havana black porter for Standish plantation, born in Johnson, Tennessee.

Jefferson "Jeff" Lambert aka Senor' Carter - disguised in red pointed beard and hair. Father of Link.

Delgado - Cazanova cook

Gabriel - houseman, butler

Moreno - Chauffer.

Jerez - Lucio's boat captain.

Valdez Alvarez - trusted man of Lucio's

Broken-nose Diego - pushed El Capitan off cliff.

Montilla - Cuban lawyer

Rafael Peralta - Link's 1/2 maternal uncle

Elam - bald sailor, green face, one leg twisted. Rafael's old partner in crime.

Otillie - little girl maid.


Bad guy grownups

Broken-nose Diego - pushed El Capitan off cliff

Montilla - Cuban lawyer.

Rafael Peralta - Link's 1/2 maternal uncle.

Elam – The little bald sailor with a green face and one leg twisted. Rafael's old partner in crime.

Captain Petry - of Louisiana Lou steamboat.  Stormie's stepfather.

Lotts - really Jeckerson disguised with a moustache and dark pointed beard, posing as Lonely House real estate man (also posed as a hobo) in Knights story.

Toy Hen
- Ching's dad – a silk merchant and ex-China envoy.

Burney - was leader of the old river pirates.  Killed his slave.

Norski - the hunchback, about 100 years old and the ape keeper.

Roger Mallory - lawyer from Chicago.

Mrs. Callas – Lady with the parrot - really Mrs. Cornwall.

Harry Loderman – A fisherman.

Orlando; "Ollie"; "Orlie"; Weeks – fisherman.

Honorable Josiah Dirks - Old Politician, Quaker dress, the real conspirator.

Frederick Finsterness
- broken down actor.

Burleigh Jones
- Big man - an actor.

Dr. Chambless

Olaf - Swedish detective - with Phillips.

Mr. Von Huten - Pretended to be big, old German man, but really was all of the following:
(1) The Ghost – who’s real name was: George Cornwall – An actor, deep sea diver, make-up artist. He had been hired by Dirk –

(2) Dirk's gardener - (with no garden in sight). And finally

(3) Chief Big John - again, it was old Cornwall in disguise.


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