Stoner's Boy - 1918 - 402 pages - 1918 - 402 pages 1920 - 472 pages

is the new "unabridged" version we have been talking about for so long. The 1920's newspaper serials included 11 chapters that were left out of the original book published in 1926. So up till now, you have not known the whole adventure story! Stoner's Boy pages in the 1926 book = 287 pages; today, the unabridged printing of 2011 has 472 pages.  That is 28 chapters in the 1926 book vs 39 chapters in the 2011 book. This is more than a new edition, it is almost a new story. Plus a lot more illustrations that you have never seen before are in this new book. You won't want to miss this.


A personal description by RFS III, the first grandson of the author:

Here is Stoner's Boy the way it was intended to be enjoyed with all 11 missing chapters and more illustrations too - Oh! those illustrations are great! It will be almost a new story with all the different chapters that are added. Most of the other original 1926 book chapters had a few lines - up to a few paragraphs in many chapters - that were missing too. Now you will see how it went with the kids who read Seckatary first in the newspapers every week. We wanted to stay close to the original newspaper content for historical accuracy. Grandpa must be jumping for joy in heaven right about now, because he always wanted the full story to be told in books. My Daddy and my aunts told me many times that Grandpa almost did not allow his books to be published since the publishers, editors and marketing staff were continuously cutting content to fit their idea of chapter length and book size - and other marketing considerations. There were always battles about what was left in, and Grandpa always thought the missing chapters were a terrible loss.  But now you have the ability to read Stoners Boy the way it was intended to be enjoyed.


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