Trilogy II

The Dog Snatchers



This is book #1 in the Trilogy II book, but appeared chronologically before the book Gander.


Summary.  A cluster of shanty-boats has come up from down South, and is moored on the river bank.  The leader Rusty, has a boy named Banny steal dogs, and then return them for the reward.  Banny has a twin brother Samson, and their father is on one of the boats, but is very sick.  The boys feel guilty about the dog stealing, and begin returning the dogs without getting the reward.  Hawkins and the Club figure out what is going on, and Rusty is arrested.  However, Judge Granbery releases him when Banny reveals that Rusty is their uncle, and is needed to help take care of their father.  The shanty boats are driven away by the law, and Uncle Rusty and the twins take their father to a hospital to get taken care of, and all ends well.


The Dug-Out Trailer


This is book #2 of the Trilogy II book.


Summary.  A short three chapter story.  A man and his boy have run out of money, and parked their trailer next to the dugout on Burney’s Field.  The Pelhams are demanding rent to allow them to stay in the dugout, and the man might have to give up his trailer as rent.  Meanwhile, an Arctic fox has escaped from Old Hiram’s place, and the caretaker Jake Holman (while Old Hiram and Gander are in Africa) has posted a $25 reward.  Hawkins and Shadow Loomis manage to catch the fox, and put it in the trailer.  This allows the man to collect the reward and leave with his son for Florida.




This is book #3 of the Trilogy II book.


Summary.  During a flood “many years ago”, from a cottage that was drifting downstream a man named Will Barnes rescued two boys, who he named Jericho and Dud.  He gave one of the boys to a steamboat captain named Lafe Purgo, and raised the other boy himself.  Barnes had also found three glass jars on the cottage with the boys, containing paper money to be used to help raise the boys.  However, Will Barnes stays on the scene, abusing Dud by whipping him often.  Dud jumps off the steamboat one night, and ends up in the clubhouse; he is placed with the preacher and Lew Hunter.  Jericho comes looking for him, and there are some adventures as Jericho is trying to nab Dud from the Club.  Will Barnes dies of “swamp fever”, and on his deathbed tells of the three glass jars.  The 3 jars are found with money in them, and the book ends with Skinny Guy Dud staying with the preacher, and Captain Purgo and Jericho sailing away in their steamboat.

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