Trilogy I.

Mystery of Stattenham Manor



This is book #1 in the Trilogy I book. Trilogies were made to save paper and space - we put 3 smaller stories into one book volume.




Summary.  The clubhouse has been destroyed by fire, but Doc Waters has purchased a bus and he and Jeckerson take the boys to Stattenham Village.  It is an overnight drive from their town.  There they stay at Stattenham Manor, to investigate strange incidents that have been occurring there.  The trouble stems from money the Blond Harry gang had stolen from a bank, which the butler at Stattenham Manor has agreed to hide until “the heat died down”.  Most of the gang was caught and sent to prison, but some of the lesser players who got light sentences and have since been released are seeking the money.  The owner of Stattenham Manor has a brother (Uncle Elias) who begins to figure out what is going on, and takes on the guise of The Ghost of Phantom Farm, a legendary ghost of the land the manor is on.  He is seeking the money, too, and when he threatens Jeckerson and Hawkins with a gun, their state police escorts shoot him dead.  The money is returned to the bank, and all ends well.


The River Pirates


This is book #2 in the Trilogy I book.


Summary.   A small band of river pirates is troubling the area, mainly stealing from pleasure craft on the river.  They operate from a little steamboat, the Nancy Ann, and are led by a man named N.C.N. O’Graf, calling himself Captain Fargo (Fargo is O’Graf spelled backwards).  They have extended the tunnel on the island, and use it to hide their loot.  Hawkins and the boys have their summer camp on the island, and with the help of Jeckerson and many other law officers, capture the gang of pirates.



The Mystery of the Green Light


This is book #3 in the Trilogy I book.


Summary.  A man named Stapulos, who had been sent to prison for ten years by Judge Granbery, has been released and is seeking revenge on the judge.  His son Stapleton and step-son Gerald Norland have a gang in Watertown named the Red Triangle, and Stapulos gets them to start stealing and making other trouble.  Gerald Norland quits the gang and joins the F&S Club.  Stapulos takes up residence in an abandoned cabin on the Pelham side, and uses a large flashlight to create a green light to frighten people away.  He bombs the judge’s house, causing considerable damage but no injuries.  He is caught and sent back to prison.  Stapleton and Gerald Norland are placed with a kindly old farmer down the river to be raised as good boys.


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