Little Flower of the Sun


This is the second book in a trio of books that carry a related storyline, picking up after the end of “The Emperor’s Sword”.


Summary.  The members of the Society of the Sword have decided to keep the Emperor’s Sword hidden in Watertown, as they have learned that Fung Shu and one of his seven sons (Wu Fong, brother of the imprisoned Mui Fong, Lui Fong, and Shui Fong) have arrived to seize it.  Fong Shu and Wu Fong have kidnapped Little Flower of the Sun, daughter of the rightful heir of the sword, brought her to Watertown, and demand the sword as ransom.  The plot is broken, and Wu Fong and his gang arrested.  Fung Shu escapes, and Jeckerson departs to pursue Fung Shu in China.  The last chapters of the book tells the exciting events of just two days and nights, with six chapters (chapters 14-19, pages 122-171) taken up by the adventures of the first night, and five chapters (chapters 20-24, pages 172-212) taken up by the adventures of the next day.


This story continues, after the next book (“The Mystery of the Red Hand”), continuing in the book “The Lacquer Fan”.






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