Little Gil


Summary.  Little Gil shows up on the river bank, causing much mischief.  He has been raised by the hobo Old Daddy Joe.  Not revealed until the end of the story is that Little Gil was born in England to a wealthy family.  His mother died while giving birth to him, and after that tragedy, his father went mad, bringing him to the United States and staggering into a hobo camp with the infant before dying.  The hobo Old Daddy Joe took the baby Little Gil and raised him.  Little Gilís English uncle, Sir Eustache, has come to the United States with Little Gilís older brother, Lord Harry, looking for his missing nephew.  They rent the red and green mansion near the town of Seckatary Hawkins.  In the meantime, the hobo Jacobi has burglarized a local home, stealing a valuable diamond necklace.  He has tried to frame Old Daddy Joe for the crime.  Hawkins breaks the case when he is able to match a handprint left at the crime scene with a handprint Jacobi left on an ink blotter in Hawkinsí office.  Sir Eustache recognizes Little Gil as his nephew when he hears him singing, as his voice is the same as that of his brother, Little Gilís biological father.  Little Gil does not want to abandon Old Daddy Joe, the only father he has ever known.  In the end, Sir Eustache takes Little Gil and Old Daddy Joe to England to live in prosperity on the family estate.



Copyright © 1921.